14th June 2020

Nehemiah – Fulfilling the mission of God in rebuilding the lives of people

Passage: Nehemiah 2:17-20
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A transformational leaders needs to be much more careful with their actions and should not show off like the new CEO. God has his time and He has His ways. It is always better to consult God on his timing and his ways. His ways are always better and higher than our ways. A God-class transformational leader recognizes and realizes that it is God who places a vision in his or her heart. If you are a God-class leader, you will start with God. You cannot be a God-class leader when you are disconnected with God. The mandra for becoming a God-class leader is “recognizing it is all about God and it is all about God’s mission”. There is no self in it. There is no personal agenda. It is God’s agenda, God’s purpose, God’s vision and God’s mission.

How does a God class transformational leader turn the ruins into restoration of lives and their living?

  1. He relates with their brokenness by identifying with them
  2. He reignites their true identity by encouraging them
  3. He redirects them to God of heavens by affirming God’s hand upon him
  4. He reunites them to carry out God’s mission by motivating them to work in unity
  5. He responds to the enemy with confidence in God’s success
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