21st March 2021

Philippians – How do we radically reposition ourselves to God and the Gospel?

Passage: Philippians 4:1-9
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To Stand firm, We must seek the Lord to empower us in our inner man to stand firm in Christ in the midst of all these pressures, pressing needs, painful experiences and pathetic atrocities. Our inner life – our spirit and soul need to be strengthened in the Lord to go through painful trails. Life here on earth is not easy, not simple, but complex, yet we can stand firm in the Lord because of His Word and His Power.

We stand firm in the Lord:

  1. By standing side-by-side in harmony with one another, because of the Gospel
  2. By standing strong confidently with rejoicing, gentleness and thanksgiving, because the Lord is near
  3. By standing steadfastly with disciplined thoughts, because the God of peace is with us
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