17th May 2020

Nehemiah – Rebuilding broken dreams in a shattered world

Passage: Nehemiah 1:1-4
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The book of Nehemiah is all about the awareness that God had a purpose for the people of Israel, God had a plan in the city of Jerusalem, and God had put them in that place so that the knowledge of the glory of God will be known to the peoples of the earth, and there were not many people who were asking the question, what happened where are we in this journey and what are we going to do.

It's important for us to ask ourselves the question in the midst of this context that we're living in, and in the uncertainty that is before us, the new Normal that is going to begin before us. How do I live my life in the midst of brokenness, how do I rebuild my dreams, how do I become what God wants me to be. This sermon will show us how to rebuild broken dreams in a shattered world.

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