7th February 2021

Philippians – The Key To Unity Is Humility

Passage: Philippians 2:1-11
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The key to unity whether it is in the family, church, society, context of employment, context of the nation, or nations of the world is going to come as we understand God’s perspective of humility. Unless we are willing to become humble, We cannot accomplish the nature of God’s concept of unity. God did not make us in diversity so that we will be in conflict with each other. He created diversity so that in the midst of diversity there can be still unity. He made us as a body of different. We have one body. God has designed us so that we can become one whole. If we come together, we become one full unit

Philippians 2:1-11 is divided into 3 various significant sections. These 3 significant sections would basically say:

  1. What is my responsibility as a result of the redemptive work inside of a believer or The Empowerment of my redemption for the unification of all kinds of context because of Christ Jesus?
  2. Man’s responsibility under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. What must I do to enable the process of unity regardless of where it is at work, home, society, in the context of our company, or in our relationship with one another.
  3. The example of Christ himself who enabled and demonstrated unity in the Godhead out of us to be redeemed
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