14th March 2021

Philippians – Two Minds About Heaven

Passage: Philippians 3:17-21
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In this sermon, we will look at how we should live on this earth when we have the mind of Christ. We have this deception filter in the Church today that allow believers to continue in their lifestyle of sin, because of they have the grace of God to rescue them. This willful sinful lifestyle leads to death. Avoid such damaging teachers who promote such deception.

Characteristics of these damaging teachers?:

  1. They bring harm to the Church
  2. They obstruct the true meaning of the cross
  3. They bring reproach to the name of Christ

The destiny of a false teacher is hell. There is no salvation except in the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to deny the power of the cross indeed will mean no salvation and therefore death. Their barrenness and decay which show no fruit of godly living is cursed and will lead to being burnt in eternal fires. The only redemption for these false teachers would be genuine repentance and becoming true friends of the cross can they enter into Heaven.

Paul mentions that that those who fall from the Truth of Christ, they live lives that are filled with self indulgences, centered on a lifestyle that is based on their own wants, luxury, opulence and a sensual way of living. The focus is on themselves rather than on the things of God. They boast in the things that which they should be ashamed about. One author said that these people get puffed up with things that should make you blush.

  1. Their nakedness and immoral behaviour
  2. Their preoccupation with earthly things

Have a mind and attitude that is focused on Heaven. We are mere foreigners upon this earth. We are passing through like pilgrims, looking to that glorious day when we return to our home Heaven, where we are not just visitors to that glorious land, but citizens, a people of the land.

  1. Citizens of Heaven have their names recorded in Heaven
  2. Citizens of Heaven speak the Language of Heaven
  3. Citizens of Heaven look to the Lord of Heaven
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